All the points you accumulate flying with TAM or its partner airlines, on flights purchased using the TAM Itaucard credit card, and purchasing TAM Viagens packages, may be exchanged for national or international flights. As you are also a Multiplus client, you can accumulate even more points with hundreds of other partners so you can redeem up to the last available seats! Book your flight one day or up to one year in advance and issue tickets for whomever you wish, provided all the points are in the same name.
To consult values and seat availability for your trip, use Multiplus! Enter www.pontosmultiplus.com.br or www.pontosmultiplus.com.br/passagens, fill out the origin, destination, outbound and inbound dates and the number of passengers, click and search, and that's it! Then just issue your ticket and prepare for your trip!
If you are the points holder and wish to redeem a ticket for yourself, you no longer need to use the redemption password on the site. But remember that it will still be required when contacting the Call Center and at TAM Stores.
During the purchase process, the authorization code will be sent via SMS, telephone call or our application, in accordance with your choice during the transaction. The authentication will be required both for the TAM Fidelidade card holder and for ticket issue to third parties.
Enjoy the ease of using the Multiplus application on your smartphone (available for IOS on the App Store) and leave everything ready to redeem your flights. Download the application here!
Keep your registration data updated. Check out the step-by-step guide to redeem your points for a ticket and have a good trip.
For further information, access: